Company overview

Diwan Advocates is a full service law firm with a primary focus towards excellence in legal advice and legal services to be provided to the clients who are a mix of boutique and large companies including individual clients engaged in a variety of commercial activities. Diwan Advocates advises and represents its clients at existing and potential legal issues in transactional as well as litigation matters. Diwan Advocates represents their Clients above 30 District Courts in two-Tier Cities and 15 High Courts.

Although we specialize in corporate, commercial and intellectual property rights, transactional works, and complex litigation process; our services also include providing advice and legal service regarding business law, corporate finance, government contracts, international trade, dispute resolution, oil and gas, project finance, real estate, tax and telecommunications. This has also been a plus point in improving our clientele so as to include public and private companies and government entities with a diverse range of interests in industries such as business services, education, energy, healthcare, hotels and hospitality, and transportation and infrastructure.

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Depiction of legal expertise reflects from the difference of perspective and approach towards the case as well as clients

A boutique law firm and an established law practicing agency