It is always suggested to think about few steps beyond the step we are taking at the moment. When we act in a certain way, we require being well aware of the consequences that would follow. Very recently, Arnab Goswami, known by the entire nation for his attempts to become popular, took such a step.
Arnab started his new venture called Republic TV but, he failed to create new content for his channel. He took an aid of some information from his previous employer, Times Now, in order to kick start his new venture and got slammed with a legal notice as a consequence thereof. One of the information that he stole, was regarding the death of Sunanda Pushkar. This became a ground for a separate lawsuit against him filed by Shashi Tharoor claiming damages for defamation. Shashi Tharoor has claimed damages and compensation of Rs 2 crore from Arnab Goswami and his channel, Republic TV for making defamatory statements against him concerning the death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar. Resultantly, Delhi High Court has issued a legal notice against Arnab Goswami and his channel, Republic TV.
Even if we look at it as a trade secret theft from the legal window, he still managed to get his name flashed on newspapers and TV; not for the reasons though. We are yet to witness the outcome of this situation in totality, but for now, we can consider this as one more upcoming example of trade secret theft as American Express v. Priya Puri.